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Bochy questions Sandoval's conditioning, ability to play 3B

Giants manager Bruce Bochy met briefly with Sandoval on Saturday, and while he didn’t mention specifics of the conversation, clearly it was not a pleasant exchange.

Bochy acknowledged that he isn’t sure that Sandoval is in condition to return to third base, where Joaquin Arias has set a defensive standard that will be difficult to match.

“He’s been told we have enough first basemen,” said Bochy, asked about whether a position change might be in the works for the rotund Panda. “That said, hopefully we’re not forced to make a change. That’s in Pablo’s hands.

“Being able to make the plays Joaquin has been making, that’s so vital. You look at how important the plays were in (Sunday’s) ballgame. That’s part of when (Sandoval) comes back up here. It’s not just the hitting. It’s how he’s playing third base, which is what he’s doing today.”

Bochy acknowledged the Giants are likely to wait until June 12 to activate Sandoval. That’s because his swing remains limited from the right side and the Texas Rangers are scheduled to throw two left-handers in this weekend’s series at AT&T Park.


deep breath timmy 


deep breath timmy 

Sandoval Gets Tips from Bonds, Vote of Confidence from Sabean

He shared un abrazo with the Home Run King — a hug — but Pablo Sandoval would not share the conversation he had the day before with Barry Bonds when he came into the Giants clubhouse.

"Some tricks," Sanodoval said with a twinkle in his eye, "some things. But I just can’t talk about it.

"I don’t have permission to talk about it."

What Sandoval had no issue divulging, though, was an update on his health.

The switch-hitting Sandoval, on the disabled list since May 3 with a fracture to that hamate bone, took batting practice solely from the left side and pounded the ball all over the field. He took 30 swings in the cage.



“They are quick to embrace their players, as it can be seen in people dressing up as ‘Melk Mans’ wearing ‘Giraffe Hats’ and nicknaming their players as if it where a baptism i.e Gregor Blanco ‘White Shark’. They are among one of the friendliest fan bases that welcome up coming and traded players with open arms and open hearts. As many Giants fans have stated about their previous or retired players Once a Giants Always a Giant”

"My heart doesn’t really sting. It doesn’t hurt. It did for a moment. But you get past it. You have to heal."

- Barry Bonds


The Giants are going to EXPLODE when Pablo gets back in the game. Can’t wait!

"Oh man, I wish that the Melky/Jonathan Sanchez trade never happened."

- NO ONE (via sanfrancisco-giants)